PIANO with Margaret Buck Dip ABRSM
There's music in the air, come find it on the mountain.
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Studio News
This year, 2017, all pupils have been supplied with a colourful A4 file. Every term we will do a short study of 2 composers; 1 "early" composer and 1 modern composer.  Part of the study is listening to their music and playing one of their pieces (or a part of a piece).
In the first term we looked at G.F. Handel and also John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

In the second term we had fun learning about Mozart and John Williams. It was a real pleasure seeing how much the pupils enjoyed listening to the piece from Mozart. Of course, Star Wars was a huge favorite from John Williams, but Schindler's List also won much attention and enjoyment.
All the written work on the files also got done.

In the third term we are looking forward to learning more about Beethoven and Alan Menkin.